Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The bomber still rules

Gerd Mueller's record of 14 goals in FIFA World Cup play was eclipsed today by Brasil's Ronaldo in their 3-0 victory over Ghana. Nonetheless, Gerd "the bomber" Mueller was amazing as a soccer player, especially in that pic where he shot the winning goal in the 1974 FIFA World Cup final against Holland.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

My not so secret love

I am glad that I work out so much, otherwise my love for chocolate would really show quite quickly. I have loved chocolate for a long time now, but I am a bit of a chocolate snob. I don't like Hershey's, but I do like Milka, Riiter Sport, Lindt and Frigor and several other European chocolates.
I am lucky enough though that family and friends send me little care packages from Europe here and there, and also that certain stores here actually carry some of them.
My 4 favorite ones are Milka Noisette, Ritter Sport Nougat, Ferrero Yogurette and Ferrero Kinder Schokolade.
Go try them. :-)

Friday, June 23, 2006

Junior Brown is awesome

I don't like country music, but I really do like Junior Brown. His style of music is quite unique especially because of his "guit-steel" guitar wizardy. The guit-steel is Junior's own invention and features both guitar and steel guitar necks on one instrument. Brown is a multi-Grammy nominee who tours in large venues and small venues alike, and tonight he played once again in Chattanooga at the Nightfall concert series. If you have a chance go check him out.

What is old?

Twice today I refered to a couple people as "older woman" and "older man" and they are actually younger than me. So how old does that make me?

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Germany moves on in the World Cup

Germany and the German soccer team celebrate as they advance to the round of 16 where they'll face Sweden. Germany's fans were very critical of the team prior to the World Cup and many of them feared they would not even advance past the first round. But the team played amazingly well so far and won all their games and now the Germany loves them. In fact Germany has gone completely nuts about the team.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Oh yes, moto cross

I have been following all kinds of motor sports since I was a little boy, when my dad took me a few times to various moto cross events. These days I still like moto cross, but get to see supercross events more often.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

My friend Saul is improving every day

My friend Saul Raisin who is a Professional cyclist for the French Credit Agricole Pro Tour team, had a terrible accident about 2 months ago during a race in France and he is now back in the USA and slowly getting better. His doctors are all amazed by his rapid progress and his parents who are just awesome, have their hands full to keep this hyper and super nice athlete in check. Today was the first time that I got to see him since christmas and it was really good to see him and feel his exuberance. He told me all about his rehab and had some fun stories when he was a bit less inhibited after his accident. :-)

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Living in the past

It seems that many people like to live in the past and say stuff like "I used to play football in high school" or "I used to be thin and fit" and as simple as "I used to go out more often."

Here is what I think: " I used to shit in my diapers, and that really is not relevant today either, so let's stick to present."