Saturday, May 29, 2010

Vegetable delivery

We get a nice selection of vegetables delivered each week and this week's box of goodies included Swiss chard, lettuce, spinach, beet greens and Asian greens.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Making sure you get what you pay for

While getting gas at a gas station in Germany I noticed an interesting vehicle right next to us. 2 fairly unofficial looking guys in that vehicle had connected a gas hose to their very high tech measuring device within the VW bus and were making sure that the gas station was actually giving the exact liters of gas or diesel customers had actually paid for. The German government looking out for the little man. Nice.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

A few more pics from Switzerland

After a great week in Oberschwaben it was time to say goodbye to my mom, family, friends and Ostrach as we headed to Zurich, Switzerland for the final 2 days before our flight back to the USA. It was a bit of the shame to leave now as the weather was finally coming around, but word had it that we would have good weather in Zurich too.

On Friday morning we had a little bit of time to walk into downtown Ostrach to grab pastries for the trip and a pack of smokes too. Not really. :-)

We stopped at the Rheinfall in Schaffhausen/Neuhausen on the way to Zurich

On the way to check out other view points

A view of the falls from higher up

This slight detour was certainly worth it

Shopping for post cards at the Rheinfall

We arrived in Zurich after lunch and were greeted by great weather and blue skies

Hmmm, I wonder which one of those would look good in my home

That is one cool Citroen

Lots of cool narrow streets can be found in Zurich

Our hotel is on the Niederberger Strasse which is sadly a bit loud at night

Another beautiful day greeted us on Saturday

The Fraumuenster on the left has amazing Marc Chagall stained glass windows

The Grossmuenster in Zurich is just about to open the doors

A stunning view from the topafter a long hike

It was quite windy up there

The view from the top towards our hotel, which is just to the right of that bridge

The beautiful weather made surely for a better fleamarket

When living in downtown Zurich there is seemingly little need to own a car

So many shoes so little time

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Even more May Germany trip pics

Wednesday was a big family visit day and we started the day early with a drive to Rottweil where my dad's side family lives. We had lunch at Aunt Lore's, saw Granddad Gustav and Hanne after that and then got cake at the house of my aunt Gerda. After a long drive back we went to m cousin Albert, his wife Waldtraut and daughter Isabelle for dinner. Thursday we traveled to Sigmaringen to see the castle, check out the downtown and after that visited Sigmaringen.

Upon arriving in Rottweil, Cheryl made a new friend

My cousin Anja and my aunt Lore with Amy

Amy in front of the Schwarzes Tor (black gate) in Rottweil

With my 96-year old granddad Gustav and his wife Hanne

Approaching aunt Gerda's house

Cheryl and Georgia fascinated with miniature Fasnet figures from Rottweil

With my godmother aunt Gerda in front of her house

Isabelle got a big hug from Cheryl and we got a great dinner of Fleischkaese, potato salad and mixed salad for dinner, plus the great company of Albert, Waldtraut and Isabelle

The semolina with cream and strawberries desert was fantastic

With Albert, Waldtraut and Isabelle after a great meal

On Thursday we went to Sigmaringen where Amy measured up against a knight

Looking beautiful in the entry hall of the castle in Sigmaringen

Georgia stood guard in front of the castle

With the stunning castle in Sigmaringen in the background

The swan came by to see if we had anything to eat

Our lunch stop on Wednesday was at the Gasthof zum Bach in Bad Saulgau

A very pleased Georgia after she managed to open the tight Pilsner bottle fliptop

Amy enjoyed Swabian bacon Duennete for lunch

The May tree in downtown Bad Saulgau looks quite sad against the cold gray sky

Before dinner, Amy and I ran through the countryside around Ostrach. Amy decided to wear her traveling compression socks because it was so cold and we brought only shorts.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

More Germany images

We had quite a mellow Monday,but Tuesday was quite packed with activities. So here are a bunch of images from the last 2 days.

On Monday afternoon we walked up to the Buchbuehl in Ostrach

The whole crew with my uncle Fritz and his wife Maria after our hike

Monday night we all went to the Schwabentherme in Bad Saulgau, well known for the thermal springs

This was the first time that I visited the Schwabentherme in daylight

Tuesday morning we traveled to Meersburg to catch a ship to the flower Mainau island

Amy and her mom Cheryl look happy on the ship

With my mom on the ship

I guess it feels like a vacation now

The Pfahlbauten in Unteruhldingen remind us of times when folks here lived on the water

The blimp Zeppelin flew over our heads. If not so expensive, that would be a fun way to see the Lake of Constance

A large crew of workers on the flower island Mainau makes this possible

These flowers are "surprisingly" named fringed tulips

A sea of colors greets the visitors here

A very lucky shot inside the butterfly exhibit

Everyone is "hunting" for butterflies

Yes, caught another butterfly

A butterfly ready to take off

Now that butterfly exhibit was excellent

Some of the flowers are not blooming yet

After a long day of hiking around the island

Amy and my mom in front of one of the restaurants on the Mainau

Waiting for the ship Baden to carry us back to Meersburg

My mom, Georgia and Cheryl had a great time on the island Mainau

Downtown Meersburg is quite quaint

The Basilika Birnau is one of the most stunning small churches in Europe (photography inside is not allowed though)

But I did find a nice image online of the stunning interior

The view from the Basilika Birnau is beautiful too