Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas in Columbia 2011

This year we ventured to Columbia, SC with Simon and Max so they could experience their first Hildreth family Christmas. Plus my mom has been here for a few weeks and also was able to join us for Christmas, a first for her too.

Amy very relaxed at her mom's house.

If we would have let her, Cheryl would have held both boys 24/7.

Checking out Columbia with my mom on Christmas Eve and we stopped for lunch at Andy's deli.

It is now Christmas morning and this was the first Christmas for my mom in America.

Georgia always looks very festive.

Amy is ready for Christmas.

Cheryl had prepared the tasty breakfast casserole with a bit of help from my mom.

Making sure the boys are never too far from Georgia.

My mom got this stunning scarf from grandmama Georgia.

A beautiful necklace for Amy combines her birthstone and the birthstone of Simon and Max.

Making sure that Amy finally has an image of dad and the boys.

Georgia is now fully digital with this IPad she got from various family members.

My mom got various South Carolina items from Ron and Amy incliding these delicious grits.

Beautiful wooden cutting board for Amy and I from Ron and Amy.

The morning after Christmas and Max seems to have aged quite a bit, mostly of course because of those britches.

Simon also looks like a little old man with this outfit.

Saturday, December 03, 2011

It is Advent again

It is almost Christmas again and we are counting down the days with our hand crafted Advent calendar. By now we are on day 3 and since I get to eat the "odd days" it was my turn today. Yummy.

Usually we make quite a few of these for family and friends but this year our hands were full with the twins and we only mad a couple.

Thursday, December 01, 2011

Oh my

We are so glad we have boys. :-)

Of course having girls would not mean putting up such a stupid stunt with them.