Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Athens weekend

Amy and I went to Athens, Ga over the weekend to see the Athens Twilight Criterium on Saturday night and also to spend a bit of relaxing time there.

It was quite warm there and in the afternoon we had time to just wander around

Kyle Wamsley of Colavita-Sutter and John Murphy of Ouch Racing in action

This video (posted by someone else) shows the throngs of spectators and the speed of the athletes

After a run on Sunday morning we went to the Grit for brunch

Behind the counter inside the Grit is one of Michael Lachowski's Coffee paintings. He painted that Coffee one in 1985, and he made both a Hot Chocolate and a Milk artwork for me in 2004

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Introducing Pete

This week we adopted Pete from our friends Paul and Anita. I think they planned on having only 2 dogs but ended up with 4. Pete for example was dropped off at their house 2 years ago for a "couple of weeks" and never picked up again. Pete lost his front right leg after an incident with a car, but he gets around just fine.

Exhausted after the 6 hour transfer from Chattanooga

Hanes Park is just down the hill from us and offers lots of things to see

Wow that walk was tiring

Hello world, I am Pete

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Seeing daylight

We still have a few moving boxes to unpack, but most of them are empty now and broken down to be picked up by the movers. The first room to be really finished with setting up was the kitchen, even though we are still awaiting the additional cabinets and countertop. But the cabinets and the fridge are filled and we were able to cook our first meal there. :-)

We love the kitchen, and dislike the dishwasher.

This wedding gift (thank you Deano and Angie) looks perfect here.

Thursday, April 09, 2009

My thumb is still quite ugly

Saturday afternoon I closed the car door on my right thumb and it hurt like crazy. 5 days later and the thumb is still quite swollen and sore, plus of course ugly too. This is very helpful in the opening process of the moving boxes.

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Getting closer to moving in

Tuesday, April 7 is the big moving day from the Piedmont LeafLofts to the home on Clover Street. Amy and I are both excited and ready to move into our first house that is ours (not mine or yours.) Our contractor Rick Stevens has done a great job with the opening of the kitchen to the dining room and the painting and finishing of several rooms.

The house is a bit easier to see with the leaves not yet up

We will need furniture for the living room.

A look from the living room through the dining room into the kitchen. It is all open now.

Only a few more days and we'll be cooking here.

The new cabinets and the counter top is not yet in place. The table won't stay.

A look over the back deck into the yard from the kitchen window

Upstairs now. A look from the master closet into the master bedroom. Master bath is in the background.

The guest bedroom is currently the only room in the house with some furniture in it.

The guest bathroom.

Amy's office is very bright and has unique window closing hardware

Friday, April 03, 2009

Hello Chattanooga

Tuesday through Thursday we went to Chattanooga as Amy was giving a presentation on Wednesday during a Trauma Symposium. Tuesday night Amy was going to a related dinner and I went to an art exhibit and visited friends, and I have pics of that evening below. Wednesday night Amy and I got to see Martin, Janelle and the 3 cutiepies and then we met Paul and Anita at the Meeting place. Thursday after a quick run and a brief shopping stint we drove back to Winston.

Paul and Anita in front of a random cd cover project

I really liked this selection of dolls

This doll even had a tramp stamp on her butt

Sharon's Asian inspired geometric pottery was very beautiful

George, Paul and Anita (Rick and I) were reunited in Big River

Good friends like these are hard to come by

A quick trip to New Orleans

Last weekend Amy and I flew to New Orleans to visit Laura. It was great to see Laura and of course New Orleans is well worth a trip in itself.

Laura picked us up at the airport and interestingly enough best friends Laura and Amy pretty much were dressed alike

We started our dinner at Frankie & Johnny's with crawfish

This monster Muffaletta sandwich was actually only a half size

Laura stumbled across this Banksy artwork

Beautiful architecture is all over the place

Walking through the French Quarters

The tourists were out in force, a good sign for NOLA tourism

Laura with Hank watching over her

Great stuff, but very expensive