Wednesday, February 18, 2015

ARTpARTy February 13, 2015

We had another ARTpARTy the night before Valentine's Day and this might have been the last one at this location. Hopefully we will be moved into our new home or at least have it finished enough to host the next ARTpARTy there. But we had many fine pieces of art there, and in the end 19 pieces were exchanged. Apologies though for the crappy iPhone pics

I am now the proud owner of Miau Lisa that Mitch and Scott brought to the party.

The Tiles project by Brad and his kids proved to be quite popular.

Paige and Andy crafted jewelry for this edition of the ARTpARTy.

Julia's LOVE photo collage was very appropriate, and so were Brian's flowers.

Sarah and Barry have missed a couple parties but came back with passion.

Jessica and Jade were at the ARTpARTy for the first time, and fit right in.

Anna and Adam now live closer to us, but still had to juggle hard to come. We greatly appreciate it.

Aruna is a seasoned ARTpARTY pro and crafted this colorful pillow.

Her husband Michael always brings popular photos to the gathering.

Elizabeth and Michael also were ARTpARTy newbies, and we are glad they came.

Caitlin and Ben live next door to us and this also was a first time event for them.

Our friends Anna and Greg brought home crafted beer to the ARTpARTy, an item stolen often.

Amy and her boyfriend created these 2 very popular pieces, and I tried very hard to get the "guitar."

Maria and Jan drove all the way from Mount Airy to be part of that evening. Yeah.

Our Au Pair David created this Origami chair.

The terrorist attacks on Charlie Hebdo were sill on my mind.