Sunday, April 30, 2006

The South

I grew up in the South, but not in the South of the USA, my South is the South of Germany. But although these 2 Souths are an ocean apart, there are some interesting similarities.
People in Northern Germany feel smarter than their Southern German counterparts and Southern Germans also have a funny dialect (speak funny) which further helps the idea that people from that area can't be that smart. People in Southern Germany also are a bit more friendly and less reserved, and life as a whole seems a bit slower too.
Does that sound familiar?


Roger L. Sieloff said...

not at all. you confirm what a greman girl once told me about the "snobs" and the "slobs"

Claudia said...

How very true - I am a transplant from Southern Bavaria in Germany, and now I live in the Southern US, in Georgia. When I grew up, we were taught in school to speak without the Southern slang. It still comes back after 2 beer ;-)

Herbert said...

I don't even drink beer and still have that slang. Well, the swabian one and not the bavarian one.