Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Some images from my Germany trip

Hard at work at the Eurobike tradeshow :-)

This is what the road on my way to the tradeshow looks. You can see the alps in the far distance.

The house where I grew up in Ostrach, Germany and where my parents still live.

My mum really takes care of here flowers unlike me. This is the backdoor area of the house.

The nice little creek behind my house is called Ostrach aswell and I fell in it a few times as a child.

A view of the church where I was an altar boy, plus of the elementary school and the kindergarden which I had attended.


Wheeknee said...

Very nice Herb, say "Hi" to Ma and Pa Krabel for me. I enjoy seeing the pictures. It is a beautiful area and you should be thankful to have such nice family and friends there.

Jered Gruber said...

I know this might seem a bit random, but I stumbled upon your blog via Erik Saunders'. I really enjoyed your pics. I spent a year racing in Heidelberg, and just turned down another year over there to race with Saunders' team, so I'm a bit 'homesick' thinking about not racing in Germany next year. Thanks for the pictures.

Herbert said...

You are very welcome and guess what. I am sometimes homesick too. :-)

Anonymous said...

Wo sind die Bilder von Deiner Nichte Sara-Nina? Ansonsten ist Dir die HP gut gelungen!

Gruß aus dem Schwarzwald