Monday, December 04, 2006

Dressing up like grownups

I am most comfortable wearing jeans and t-shirts, but every now and then it is very cool and fun to dress up. We have a very nice black tie optional party in town every year before christmas where over 400 folks in Chattanooga try to impress eachother.

I went with Amy and a few other friends to the party after a nice meal out. It was very cool indeed and I of course enjoyed judging all the other outfits at the party. Martin and Janelle unfortunately had to miss the black tie optional event with sick babies at home. Well, hopefully next year.

Anita and Paul at the Tapas restaurant before the party

Martin and Janelle at Terra Nostra

Amy and I at the height of the party :-)

Laura and Amy having a good time


Anonymous said...

show us some teeth, H!

Pedro said...

Wow, Herbie, you must be with the "in" crowd!

Pedro said...

So snappy, black on black.