Friday, May 18, 2007

Gulfcoast Triathlon 007

Last weekend I went with Amy to Panama City to race Gulfcoast Triathlon. We got there relatively early on Thursday and were able to relax before my race. This was actually the first time that Amy and I went to a race together and only one of us raced. Amy was a very good sport though playing support crew for me. :-)
For race day I had actually set 2 goals, an official race goal of going sub 5:15 and a personal race goal to go sub 5 hours. In the end I finished in 5:12:31 after a solid 1.2 mile swim, a very fast 56 mile bike and a very long 2:09 half marathon.

The bike section was great with a 2:22:07 split despite riding on a rear flat for the last 5 miles

Early in the run, all is well. :-)

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