Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Treo 680 customer service nightmare

After barely a month with my Treo 680 and despite never having dropped it, I recently found 2 cracks in the top right corner of the "bezel" surrounding the touch screen. I talked to my provider AT&T about it and was told that hardware is not covered. They actually gave me a huge runaround about it and were not very helpful despite me pointing out that it is apparently not an isolated incident with the Treo 680.

I finally talked to the folks at Palm and was very disappointed by their response too. After explaining over and over again that I did not drop it and that it was not the actual screen that has cracked, they initially tried to send me back to AT&T. After endless back and forth of explaining that AT&T told me that they only handle software issues not hardware issues, I got put on hold forever while it was discussed with a supervisor. I was then told that I could send it in and they would fix it for a nominal fee of just under $200. I explained again that I did nothing wrong and that in my opinion they had sold me a faulty product, plus that I did not want the screen replaced, just the bezel. It was all the same to them and it made no difference what needed to be fixed and or who was at fault. I then tried in vain to get a supervisor/manager on the phone but I guess customer service is not in the vocabulary of Palm. Maybe they really have too much business and don't need repeat customers.

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Anonymous said...

Same experience, Palm seems to use telephone operators and customer 'service' just to hold off warranty claims.
I was encouraged to send my piece in, that was the last time I saw my treo680 (or any palm device).