Sunday, October 14, 2007

The 2007 ARTpARTy

Friday night Amy and I hosted another ARTpARTy and the turnout was great again despite the fact that some good friends could not attend. We had some very unique pieces of art and at the end of the night everyone went home with someone else's creation.

Here are some of the artists and their work:

Tim and Berry made this metal wine rack

Michelle and Jordan decided to each do a piece of art

Betsy with her work of art

Sharon and Eric with a a nice piece of pottery

Rick and Mary created these sunflower paintings

John and Terry with cool photography from Europe

Janelle and Martin created an artsy Jack-o-Lantern

Emma showed that she has a passion for art and cycling

Peter and Erin created these artworks, but only Peter could come

Karen and David always surprise with a different genre of art

Monty brought this beautiful painting

This was my contribution to the ARTpARTy

Kelly and Justin made these very cool bookends, and Amy and I were lucky enough to get them at the end. :-)

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