Monday, December 17, 2007

My way or the highway

Dr. Kevin Ade, a veterinarian at Middle Valley Animal Hospital in Hixson, TN lives on Pope Creek Road near Highway 11. He has several dogs that have attacked and chased runners and cyclists on Pope Creek Road, and after a few folks who got bitten filed complaints with the local police, Ade came up with an interesting solution. Warn the cyclists, because keeping the dogs on a leash or within an electric fence would really infringe to much on his own rights. Plus if you run there, you're shit out of luck.

Plus since Dr. Ade apparently knows that his dogs are out of control should he not be worried about the safety of his dogs too? Or does he truly just care about himself?


Meredith said...

I have lived in Chattanooga a long time, and I occasionally bike along Pope Creek Road. I experienced the same issues as you did when it came to Dr. Ade's dogs. However, I stopped him one day to talk about the problem, and he was very kind. He mentioned how he had set up an electric fence for his dogs in his backyard and that he actually gave one of his dogs away after he had bitten a biker. He further told me that he was verbally harassed by a group of bikers after the attack, and that he had to use firm language with them because of the group's irrational behavior. In addition, he purchased new clothing for the man that was bitten. I know that we all want a safe road to ride on, but I do not feel as though we should act like we own a road that other people use everyday of their lives. I was deeply disturbed after Dr. Ade told me about the threats he had received and how his daughter saw a biker throw a rock at one of her dog's heads. This was before the use of pepper spray and gun shots. Perhaps, new conduct is in order? Maybe, the dogs bite us because we threaten their safety as well. Whatever the case may be, I now talk to the dogs in a calm voice when I pass Dr. Ade's house, and they leave me alone. As for the road signs, they're necessary. There is no leash law in Dade County; thus, bikers need to know what to expect when they bike somewhere that is not their familiar surroundings. Dr. Ade is one of many neighbors in Wildwood that have complained about our conduct, and he is not the only resident that has put up a road sign. Dr. Ade's dogs are disturbing our peace, but we are also disturbing that of their own, and they have been on Pope Creek Road a lot longer than us. Furthermore, Dr. Ade does not know when bikers will be coming down the road; otherwise, I know he would be more than willing to participate in helping to keep his dogs away. Perhaps, our New Year's Resolutions should include practicing respect and getting the facts.

Herbert said...

Meredith, are you making sense here?
Why does Dr. Ade need to know when cyclists or runners plan to come by? He needs to keep his dogs in check to make sure they don't get run over by cars or trucks and that his dogs won't attack anybody. Since they are running around at will and chasing whomever comes by, Dr. Ade clearly is not willing to keep his dogs away.

We are talking about liability issues here, and Dr. Ade clearly admits that his dogs are dangerous. Lawyers will have a field day with him.

Plus here is a note what PETA sent to another concerned resident who forwarded the email to me.

"Dear xxxxxx,

Thank you for contacting us about this veterinarian. It’s terrible to hear that he is not only endangering his own dogs, but also his community. I urge you to attend city council meetings to complain. You should also check local ordinances ( to see if your city has a leash law. Last, and maybe the most effective, is to contact your local media and write a letter to your editor.

I hope this information helps. Please feel free to contact me if there is anything else I can help you with.


Christina Wheeless


David Cooper said...

What a jerk!
Who cares if he had a nice conversation with someone? His actions speak much louder than his lame excuses. This is a prime example of someone that refuses to take responsibility for his own actions. Hopefully, this Dr. will realize his mistake, remove the ridiculous signs from the public road and get some proper care for those dogs.
If I had a neighbor like that, I'd make sure that his dogs were taken in every time they got loose.
Plus, in my town, if a dog bites someone they are immediately quarantined for 14 days at the local pound.