Monday, January 21, 2008

Cloverfield blows

I watched the much hyped and guerrilla marketed Cloverfield movie with friends on Saturday night and it was a waste of time and money. The crappy previews for other movies should have been a heads up as to who the target audience was, but we ignored these warnings and sat through the complete 80 minutes or so. We thought that maybe we were just too old, but several teenagers and folks in their twenties booed at the end of the movie, and the faces of the audience spoke volumes. "Cloverfield blows no matter how old you are."

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PhragMunkee said...

I think "Cloverfield blows no matter how old you are" is a bit harsh, but I won't argue the fact that I was expecting much, much more. On a Netflix rating scale (of 5 stars), I gave it a 3 ("It's okay"). I'm glad I caught a matinée as I don't think it's worth much more than a rental after a DVD release.