Friday, April 04, 2008

New phone, new phone service?

My Treo 680 died a sudden death the other day, actually very shortly after my last blog entry. What should have been a simple warranty thing turned out to be a major AT&T customer service nightmare. Palm products are no longer on my shopping wish list and AT&T should be out too, but apparently all phone companies have no clue about customer service. So what do do other than continuing to use my ancient Sony Ericcson backup phone?
Wait a few months until the new 3G iPhone comes out and then worry about getting a new phone then? Or wait a few more months for the Garmin Nuviphone to show up?


Anonymous said...

ask your new phone assistant!! this is meant to be a joke and I am not being sarcastic

Paul said...

Sooooo? What happend? I'm dying to know if you got the iphone or just the latest Treo.