Sunday, August 24, 2008

Amy's Ramblin' Rose Triathlon

Today, Amy participated in a women only triathlon in Winton-Salem called the Ramblin' Rose Triathlon. They had almost 450 starters and the event seemed to have encouraged quite a few newbies.

Here are a few pics of Amy's Ramblin'Rose Triathlon

Hmmm, pink for a women's triathlon?

Checking in early and preparing the transition area

Getting body marked is an important part of the pre race ritual

There were lots of women racing today

It is time to head to the pool

Only a short time left before it is time to go

Lining up for the swim start

And off she goes

Done with the swim and off to the bike

Fighting for space in the transition area

The best part of each triathlon starts now

And off she goes

Almost done with the bike and just a little run left

Very few bikes already there means a good bike split

Heading out on the run

Almost done and looking good

I can't talk to you right now, need something to drink

Yeah, I got it done


Thys said...

Hey Herbert! Great pics of Amy's race. Nice blog too. Keep in touch!

Thys (Endurance Mag)

KaraP said...

Great shots of the triathlon. Congrats to Amy. Way to go.

Ramblin' Rose Chapel Hill