Monday, June 01, 2009

A kitchen in time

When we first saw our new home we pretty much knew that it was it. We especially fell in love with the kitchen but decided to do a few small changes. We wanted more storage and also wanted the kitchen to be open to the dining room. The pics below were pretty much shot from the same point of view at 3 different times.

This is how the kitchen was when we bought the home. No flowers or any other decoration of course.

We took a good section of the wall out and opened it to the dining room. We also painted the walls a very light green color and removed the bench.

The new cabinets and countertop in place, plus the new dishwasher. :-)


Mike Fraser said...

Looks more balanced with the lighting fixtures and the new dishwasher. The clock over by the door rocks also. Hmm...where aside from the black forrest region can I pick one up? You guys have made a lot of great changes to the place.

Herbert said...

Thanks for the nice comments. The clock though is not German, it is Italian and somewhat modern done. But not over the top. Comes in a few different colors and the cuckoo is very loud so we turned him off.