Monday, September 07, 2009

A nice visit...

Paul and Anita came to visit us this weekend and they arrived Friday evening. Pete was very excited to see them, and they were equally happy to see Pete. After showing them around in the new home we went out for dinner to the Village Tavern in Reynolda Village. We ate outside and the temperatures were perfect indeed. We chatted forever and got home pretty late.

Saturday morning we headed out for a bike ride and did about 45 miles

Are you taking a picture of me?

It was a beautiful day for a bike ride

Cruising along Baltimore Road towards Flint Hill Road

Amy, Paul and Anita in our driveway after the ride

I was wearing an older kit from the Wangener Rad Union

Late lunch at Ollie's bakery and Paul and Anita had tomato soup and focaccia bread

Amy and I had salmon and cream cheese on delicious rolls

I love strawberry tarts with custard. Yum

Paul could not wait digging into that chocolate cake

Everybody looks a bit confused after a light afternoon nap

After dinner at Mozelle's Saturday night we walked back to our house

Sunday morning we did a trail run at Salem Lake and after getting cleaned up we had brunch at 1st Street Draught House. Another place that is in relative easy walking distance from our house. Food was very good and the place itself is quite nice. Anita and Paul both said that this would be their favorite hang out if they lived as close to that place. But commuting there from Chattanooga would be quite a stretch.

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