Saturday, October 03, 2009

Images from Maui 2009

After an endless trip on Thursday we arrived safely and with all of our bags in Maui late last night. We pretty much passed out when we got into our room and woke up relatively early. 5am Maui time / 11am Eastern Standard Time.

The stunning view in front of our hotel in Wailea

Amy loves the beach

The view from the main hotel pool is just spectacular

A scenic and windy view on our way to our run

At the start of the Waihe'e Ridge Trail run today (Thank you Lauren for that tip)

Up and up and up and up

Not exactly the end of the trail, but the turnaround point to go back down

A quick pic before heading downhill and trying not to squint with all that sunscreen in my eyes

And down the hill we go, yeah

Although mostly downhill, there were a few tiny uphill sections

Mama's Fish House was a highly recommended restaurant choice and we had lunch there after the run

The view from our table is hard to beat

The food looked and tasted fantastic

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Anonymous said...

HEY! I'm so glad that you did the trail run! I hope you liked it. The view is amazing. What did you have at Mamma's? We ate there the first night we were in Maui and then went back on our way to the airport on the last day. Fantastic food!!! Hope you enjoyed it as much as we did! -Lauren