Monday, March 14, 2011

My United Airlines Blues 2

So my bag finally arrived after my United Airlines Blues and while the broken/missing zipper tabs are annoying, I am mostly mad that my Oakley glasses and my spare Canon lens has gone missing in action. My whole suitcase actually looked riffled through, so someone had a bit of fun with this.

Called United and they blamed the TSA, then called TSA and they pointed out that it had to go through customs. More finger pointing will come for sure but action seem to come most likely not.

Baggage folks actually offered me a $50 voucher for the general baggage "inconvenience" but I didn't accept it. I basically am missing expensive gear and they want to "sell" me another United ticket?


James said...

I would be relentless with them. That really stinks. Maybe new song should be "United steals items."

Anonymous said...

United sucks for sure

Pete G said...

Keep us posted on this issue, and put it up on the slowtwitch website so all the readers can learn to avoid United.