Thursday, September 08, 2011

Mofa Race in Ebersbach, Germany

A Mofa is a motorized bike with a 25cc engine (actually 50cc limited to 25cc) which you are allowed to ride as a 15 year old in Germany. The next step up is a 50cc but you have to be 16 to ride one of those and you need a specific drivers permit. A new fad in Germany is to race these 50cc bikes and Jan Ullrich has been spotted at a few of these events. At the end of Eurobike I was able to check out the Mofa race in Ebersbach, very close to where I grew up.

No entry fee for this annual event

Yes, that is 22km through the speed trap

And an aggressive pass

A big sand pit for the kids right next to the course

Not the ride desired

Trouble in pit lane

All kinds of interesting rides

No words needed

We think running might have been faster

Skilled and fast

The pits were very busy

Quite a large support staff / crew here

Day over for this team.

It is not about the speed, but the style. :-)

But some guys really were fast.

Like a scene out of Mad Max

How much longer before that front end breaks off?

The action is getting faster

But the audience is chilled

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