Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Those bad Germans

It looks like even back in 1880 some Germans did not do their fatherland proud in the USA. Young Julius Klinz who reportedly used morphine and hypodermic syringes also apparently forged the name of his employer. What is this world coming to?


Frank said...

Herbert, nun aber.

Phyllis Manuel Phyllis said...

Hi, I went through your WHOLE blog this morning with my coffee. I enjoyed all your photos and your blog speak. I lived in Hohenfels GE for 2 years. I enjoyed it a lot. GE is beautiful country. Your twin boys are so so cute and cuddly looking. I hope 2013 is a great year. Your boys are getting old enough to know what Christmas is and that it is fun, with presents to open.
Thank you for a enjoyable morning, learning about you and your family, and life. Yes Amy is quite beautiful in all her pictures.
Happy 2013,

Herbert said...

Danke mal.