Saturday, June 08, 2013

ARTpARTy June 2013

We had another fun ARTpARTy at our home and it was super busy with some very interesting and diverse pieces of art.   We had a grand total of 28 artworks on the table and everyone seemed to have fun.

Cindy and David were ARTpARTY newbies but their art did not show that. 

Tim and Mike were among the first guests and they are great company.

Erin was also new to the ARTpARTY but her fly fishing art was very popular and stolen often.

Jeff and Bill have been regulars and we are glad that is so.

Our next door neighbor Sara and her boyfriend Joe were also new to these kind of parties

We were vey glad that Alex could join us for this social occasion

Anna and Greg are our best friends in town and because of our lengthy ARTpARTy break had never been to one.  Anna made the painting and Greg the cherry wood frame

Aruna was an ARTpARTy first timer too and her scarf was beautiful 

The photo her husband Michael brought to the gathering was very popular 

Brad experimented with a disc sculpture 

His wife Christina crafted a necklace and earrings, and we are now the proud owners

Matt and his wife were newcomers too but Matt's Winston-Salem mosaic was a hit

Our neighbors Mary and Phoebe worked together on this art project 

Hannah put her clay skills to work 

Amy was another ARTpARTy newbie

Sarah and Barry brought ART and a great attitude to the pARTy

We were glad that Zach and Julie could join us and Zach created a stunning bowl from bicycle chains.

Who would not want a bag of lies?  Courtesy of Chet and Kathy.

Amret's lunch bag was a hit.

Her husband Wes dabbled with an eclectic music selection.

Caroline could not come, but Matt represented his household quite nicely.

Clare also came solo this time and brought this beautiful necklace that ended up in the hands of David and Cindy.

Matt just lives have a block from us and he is quite a creative person.

His wife Caroline also contributed a piece of ART to the pARTy

I had made this painting for an earlier ARTpARTy but made two versions that time, so this one finally found a new home.

At about 9pm the "Chinese" Gift exchange began, but most of the folks below did not end up with what they initially selected.  

Anna was the first one to select, but she did not get to keep this fly fishing ART

Erin stole this painting, but it was quickly taken again.  In the end though she got it.

Sarah, thought she had gotten away with this cool bowl, but it would not last.

Matt got very close and personal with this painting.

Alex actually ended up with this very popular Winston-Salem mosaic as it had been "stolen" too often. 

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Kane said...

Love the creativity here. Nice job everyone.