Sunday, March 23, 2014

Another ARTpARTy in Winston-Salem

A bit later than usual we had an ARTpARTy last night and it was a success.  We all enjoyed great conversations, creative thinking and excellent food from The Porch in Winston-Salem.  Below are some images of folks who attended and the at they created and brought to the ARTpARTy.

                                  For our Au Pair Sara this was her first experience like this.

                              Kevin and Kristen worked together on this pregnancy project. 

                           Andy and Paige made these great Steve Prefontaine homage t-shirts. 

                                      The world's smallest orchid captured by Anna.

                 Greg's cool magnetic bottle opener was very popular at the ART drawing later.

                                        Christina with the beautiful soaps she had created.

     Brad has been at many of these ARTpARTy events and his candle holders proved popular.

          Leah's project was excellent and is adorning the home of someone else as I write this.

                            We had 3 architects at the ARTpARTy but Matt is not one of them.

                             Our neighbors from up the street were ready to head to the moon.

                              This is an awesome picture of a fountain from Evan and Caitlin.

         The first time at the ARTpARTy and hopefully not the last time either for Chad and Martina.

                                                            New but certainly no rookie.

                         His sister was a late entry and added some of her jewelry to the art mix.

                                       Mike got a bit of help from his partner for this project.

                        Brian and Julia are also ARTpARTy regulars and we are glad that is so.

                Aruna and Michael had an art project each and we approved of Aruna's brownies.

                                            Matt is another cool creative neighbor we have.


                 This is a tiny representation of the Chestnut house project Mark had submitted.

                                            Adam and Anna were also ARTpARTy newbies. 

                                               My butterfly project for the ARTpARTy

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