Thursday, November 29, 2007

John Talbott

On Thanksgivings day I ran with John Talbott, the brother of the famous Paul Talbott also known as Paul Jones, husband of Anita Jones. :-)


Wheeknee said...

Alright, my apologies to the Jones family... It's good to see you have rediscovered the benefits of good clean exercise.

Bloomingjohn said...

Most people are unaware that Herbert and I birthed a child together about 18 months ago. See the beautiful dear in the stroller. I think in this shot we were discussing the merits of public vs. private education for the little tike, Madeleine. And, of course Herbert is always insisting that her German needs to improve. I don't really see the point as it's pretty much a subset of English anyway best i can tell. Oh, and she definitely has Herberts thighs, which is kinda unfortunate.