Friday, February 08, 2008

The costumes of the Rottweiler Fasnet

There are several different characters among the roughly 6,500 total costumes.

The Narrenengel leads the parade and there is only one

The Biss is a male figure and the counterpart to the Gschell (worn mostly by males as it is very heavy)

The Gschell is considered a female figure (worn by females and males)

Two Federhannes in action (worn by males and females, but mostly by males)

Schantle with child Schantle

The Schantle figure is usually a costume for an older person and comes in all kinds of colors and fabrics (worn by males and females)

There is only one Schiermeiers Guller

Fransenkleidle with child Fransenkleidle (A female costume typically worn by females)

One of eight Benner Roessle (Two herders with wips try to control an out of control horse)

Plus here you can see some of the costumes of the Rottweiler Narrensprung in action

And I am actually "featured" in this clip from the 2008 Tuesday afternoon parade

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