Monday, February 04, 2008

Rottweiler Fasnet

Before my dad died he was very excited that I would wear his Rottweiler Fasnet costume (Rottweil Carnival costume) and he told my mom about all the things I would need on those 2 days. In his honor I decided that I would take part despite his recent death, because I knew in my heart that is what he would have wanted. So here are a few impressions of the first day.

I am arriving there at 7:30 to get my Rottweiler Fasnet 2008 card stamped for insurance reasons

As far as the eye can see there are "Narros" getting ready for this parade

It is now almost 9:30am and there are still lots folks who are waiting to go

Ok, we are almost through the "Black Door" and from then on it is mask down

This is how the spectators see the parade and the various costumes when they come by

Finally, here I am a few hours later at the end of the parade with the mask still on my face


Pedro said...

This is a good look for you, Herbert! The motherland is good to you.

John said...

Very nice images, thanks

Anonymous said...

You are a lucky Guy
I grow up in Rottweil from the Age of 5-13 and during this Time my Father was an Active Member of the Rottweiler Stadtkapelle.And you know 1 Thing about a Rottweiler(Human)In February he gets Ants in his pants and hearing the first Notes of the Narrenmarsch(The Old One)cant help it but jump in the tratitionel Way as passt down from Generation to Generation.I am living in Canada since 1976 but this Feeling will never go away.
I never got my Hands on the Chance of wearing one of the Masks.Federhannes was always my Tream.Wir koennen natuerlich auch in Deutsch weitermachen aber fuer heute habe ich ja sowieso genug gesagt.Unter meinem Namen habe ich an U-Tube ein Video von einem Rottweiller Stadtansicht in zwei Teilen hochgeladen.Vielleicht bringt es zurueck ein paar Erinnerungen = JurgenWalter