Thursday, December 11, 2008

The new home?

Many folks have asked us about the new green home that we wanted to build here in downtown Winston-Salem as part of the SECCA on Second Street project. The longer we were waiting for things to move along and for good communication from the developer, the more we started to get a bad feeling about it. Along those lines, it is one thing to have a bad vibe about a pair of jeans you are buying, but that should not happen when buying a home no matter how expensive it is. So we decided to walk away from that project a few months ago and started to look at other options. We found a few cool older homes we liked, but Amy and I both were especially smitten by a home in the West End area.

So this might be our new home by mid January.

The front of the house

Cute little front porch area

The living room

Another view of the living room

The den is very cozy

The previous home owner put a lot of work into the kitchen

Did we already say that we love the kitchen?

One of the bath rooms

There is deck out of the back

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Georgia said...

Love the new house