Tuesday, December 09, 2008

A weekend in Chattanooga

Last weekend I traveled to Chattanooga to close on the house on Missionary Ridge, but the buyer was missing some paperwork and the whole thing got delayed. I still went anyway as Amy was getting ready for her boards in Nashville and I was going to be home alone in Winston Salem either way. I got there Thursday night and stayed with Anita and Paul and their 4 "kids" Belle, Brodie, little girl and Pete. On Friday I got some work done and the time originally scheduled for the closing was now open and I went to see Jill's "adventures on a pony." I had not seen Martin, Janelle and their kids since mid July and it was amazing to see how much the girls have grown. Friday night Anita, Paul and I met up with Rick and Mary Loggins, Pat and Kleehammer, Mike Madzin, Susan Mietling and a few other folks at Big River Grille downtown and it was nice seeing everybody. Saturday Morning Paul, Anita, Belle and I ran the Big Daddy trail on the side of Lookout Mountain and Rick Loggins joined us for a bit early on, and George Hovanec ran the last section with us. That night we went to the black tie event at the Hunter Museum and with several hundred people gathered there, we had plenty of people to make fun off. Sunday after a nice breakfast at the Blue Plate and a short visit to Martin and Janelle I headed back to Winston Salem and managed to make it in 5:05. :-)

Mmmm ice cream. Life is good for Bex.

Jill is growing like a weed.

A visit to Chattanooga without a trip to Big River is hard to imagine

Anita is ready to run the infamous Big daddy trail run in Chattanooga

Rick ran with Paul and I for a while, but he is still nursing a back injury and couldn't join us for "all the fun."

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