Saturday, February 21, 2009

Witches, baths, Munich and more - Germany 09

After lunch on Wednesday we visited my uncle Fritz and his wife Maria.

On Wednesday night the witches in Ostrach get freed and that is the official start of carnival in my hometown.

More images from the freeing of the witches / Hexenbefreiung in Ostrach

On Thursday we watched how locals and the local carnival groups took over the downtown area of Ostrach.

The mayor's office has been taken over.

The big Narrenbaum / carnival tree is put up by hand

As the tree is almost up, someone tried to sneak into a pic with Amy.

And the tree is up.

Amy surrounded by carnival (Fasnet) figures from Ostrach.

Thursday night we went to the thermal bath in Bad Saulgau. It is called Sonnentherme.

A small video view of one of the Sonnentherme pools with 98 degree water temps, surrounded by snow.

We had dinner in downtown Bad Saulgau after our swim and bands and groups kept coming in to show their joy that carnival has begun.

Amy had trout and potatoes for dinner.

I had pork medallions, mushrooms and Spaetzle.

More bands and groups showed up in the restaurant, including the Fanfarenzug Bad Saulgau.

On Friday, we went to Munich and Maria gave us a small tour in the afternoon.

There was snow and a pretty strong police presence.

That night, Nicolas and Maria introduced us to the Wirtshaus in der Au in Munich and the food and atmosphere was terrific.

We really enjoyed our evening with Nicolas and Maria.

We wanted to see the Kandinsky exhibit in Munich

But a possible 2 hour wait to buy tickets just seemed too long.

Amy, are you sure you don't want to go to Starbucks?

You can't go to Munich without stepping onto the Marienplatz and looking up to the Glockenspiel

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