Friday, February 27, 2009

The last few days - Germany, February 09

On Sunday morning we had planned to go to Reutlingen to visit Matze, Jutta and Oscar, but the road conditions were crappy.

So we put Amy to work instead :-)

We had lunch in the Alte Muehle in Waldbeuren with my mom, my uncle Fritz and his wife Maria

Our rental car was an Audi A3

After lunch we went on a run in the snow

Running on snow like this is a bit like running on sand

On Sunday afternoon we visited my friend Helmut and Angelika and they have this adorable Podenco dog named Perla.

I love those ears

The Rottweiler Narrensprung starts on Monday morning at 8am with several riders on horses. With the weather being somewhat iffy, I decided to watch with Amy and not make my costume dirty.

A short clip of the Narrensprung

Two Schantle are sharing a story

This Federhannes is smaller than the kids he is approaching

This Fransenkleid and the tiny Gschell are about to pass out some candy

A Schantle reaching out and down, and yes, that is rain on the mask.

My mom and I

A few Federhannes figures scheming

Amy enjoyed a Gluehwein during the parade

Another clip from the Narrensprung

Several Federhannes are seen here working here as a team

My niece Sara Nina loved the experience

This Schantle costume must be quite old. It has a tag from 1930 on it. These yellow and black tag show what years the costume participated.

One of the 7 or 8 Benner Roessle (2 herders with a "horse" and its rider) in action. They are at the beginning and the end of the Narrensprung.

A clip of the Roessle doing what they do best

A complete family of Narren after the Narrensprung

When I pulled out the camera, this young "guys" immediately struck a pose

We had a mellow day on Fat Tuesday and noticed a big herd of sheep on our way to Ravensburg

We had our last lunch in Germany at the Cafe Central in Ravensburg

Amy also enjoyed an Apfelsaft Schorle in the Cafe Central

And just as it started, the Ostracher Fasnet ends with a fire on Fat Tuesday night. But this times the witch gets burned and the other witches are beside themselves.

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