Friday, April 03, 2009

Hello Chattanooga

Tuesday through Thursday we went to Chattanooga as Amy was giving a presentation on Wednesday during a Trauma Symposium. Tuesday night Amy was going to a related dinner and I went to an art exhibit and visited friends, and I have pics of that evening below. Wednesday night Amy and I got to see Martin, Janelle and the 3 cutiepies and then we met Paul and Anita at the Meeting place. Thursday after a quick run and a brief shopping stint we drove back to Winston.

Paul and Anita in front of a random cd cover project

I really liked this selection of dolls

This doll even had a tramp stamp on her butt

Sharon's Asian inspired geometric pottery was very beautiful

George, Paul and Anita (Rick and I) were reunited in Big River

Good friends like these are hard to come by

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PRIDE said...

It would be hard to come back to Chattanooga without hitting Big River!