Monday, May 25, 2009

We are almost there

last night just before 9pm our dining room table was finally delivered. The chairs in the dining room had been sitting quite lonely for about a month now, but the table is fantastic and was worth waiting for. This morning the honed granite was delivered for the additional cabinets in the kitchen and the new vanity in the master bathroom. That means we are now almost there as we only have to deal with details.

The crew from Bloomsday granite and marble arrived at 8am sharp. (Yes, on memorial day)

With the honed granite in place we can now fill those extra cabinets. The "open" space will be filled with a wine cooler.

The new table has been in place for 14 hours only.

The table was made from an old elm wood door and has some interesting markings.

The vanity granite is in place too, and the faucets will be installed tomorrow. The lower cabinet gets a wooden top and a pillow and will serve as a seat.

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