Sunday, May 03, 2009

Wedding anniversary

Today we celebrated our first wedding anniversary and we had several friends and family members send us warm wishes. We had a very nice weekend and the weather pretty much was great too. Friday night we went out for dinner to Fabian's and that was very good. Saturday morning we ran the 5k in the Race for the Cure and that was very fulfilling both from a physical as well as an emotional point. Saturday afternoon we went to a Kentucky Derby party at the house of someone Amy works with, and Saturday night we chilled and watched Slumdog Millionaire. Today we slept in, had a great brunch at the Village Tavern and then got the house ready for the furniture deliveries this week. Late this afternoon we took Pete to the dog park and that was great fun, but next time we'll give him the bath after the park and not before like we did today. :-)

Hopefully I'll never need one of those:

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