Monday, August 24, 2009

Ramblin' Rose Tri 2

We have been in Winston-Salem for a bit more than a year now and Amy decided to race the Ramblin'Rose Triathlon again. When she did it last year we had barely been here, and this time Amy actually had planned it a bit longer in prep for a Half Ironman in September. The goal was to be faster than last year and hopefully go sub 1 hour. Amy had an awesome race and finished in 59:07 and 51st out of almost 500 starters. (last year she finished in 1:04:22) Below are a few pics from the race.

Amy sets up her little transition area quite focused

Amy with neighbor Caroline before the race

The transition area with Winston-Salem in the background

The pre race meeting was busy and enthusiastic

The pool looks quite serene

Caroline and Amy in line ready for the swim

Amy about to start her swim

This race has a long run from the pool to the bike transition

Amy and Caroline in transition

A quick transition allowed Amy to get out fast

Heading out for the run after a fast bike ride

Almost home, sub 1 hour and more than 5 minutes faster than last year

The results area was quite popular

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