Sunday, August 09, 2009

ARTpARTy on Clover

Last night we had our first ARTpARTy in our new home on Clover Street and it worked out great. There were lots of interesting and beautiful artworks plus a ton of nice people. Below are a few images of the people as they arrived with their creations. A few hours later everyone went home with someone else's art.

Amy finally wanted to create her own art piece

My artwork reflected too much and we had to go outside to not use the flash

Despite being a bit sick the last week, Mary was able to come

Caroline and Matt each worked on an art piece for the party

Art pieces showed up in all kinds of different ways

The older son of Nate and Jenny give them the inspiration for these popular items

Laura and Jared brightened up the party with their painting

An old tourism card print was crafted by Scott and Mitch

Tom and Travis and their candle art

An endless art piece by Laura

Luke and Melissa worked with wood

Ken is a neighbor from up the street and created an interesting Mango

Leanne and Breck worked in cork

Nancy created a 2-piece artwork

Treb ran an errand for us and thus came a bit later with his beautiful rope work

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Hailey Rose said...

Very cool! Love to see everyone's art!