Sunday, May 16, 2010

Spring 2010 trip to Germany

We arrived Friday afternoon in Southern Germany after a long trip from the USA. We actually took the ferry across from Konstanz to Meersburg this time and we all enjoyed that experience despite the cool temps. We napped during the afternoon, had a good meal in the evening and called it night soon after. Below are a few images of our adventures in Germany so far.

After breakfast on Saturday we went to see the basilica in Weingarten, Germany

Georgia lit a candle for a friend back home

The interior of the basilica

Stunning artwork on the ceiling

Descending down the stairs in front of the basilica in Weingarten

The St. Martin fountain in Weingarten

We had lunch at the Cafe Central in Ravensburg

An interesting way to support a building up higher while working on the ground floor

While shopping in Ravensburg we ran into Siggi, Moritz, Lena and Stefan

We had dinner in the Alte Muehle in Waldbeuren and the owner showed how to take the bone out of a trout and made us aware that trout cheeks are a delicacy

Amy and I had vanilla ice cream with hot raspberries for desert

After breakfast on Sunday we all went to the Affenberg in Salem, Germany to see the Barbary Macaques and a ton of storks. Plus the old buildings are quite cool too.

Feeding time for the storks

The storks looked quite content after the meal

Georgia made a new friend in Salem at the Affenberg

This Barbary macaque got the last piece of Amy's popcorn

My mom has never been here before despite living quite close

At the end of the monkey tour

Strolling over calm water

Somehow Georgia had a hard time escaping from the monkey enclosure

We all ate lunch inside this building

Georgia in action in Germany

One small element of the Salem castle

When the old abbey burned down around 1690 it was quickly replaced, but this time with fire fighting stuff planned in. Thus you can find now a fire fighting museum there.

Another interesting old school fire engine

The 4 musketeers at the end of a long tourism day in front of the Gothic basilica in Salem

One of several interesting statues in Castle Salem, Germany

Amy under a lemon tree

That is where mustard comes from

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