Saturday, May 22, 2010

A few more pics from Switzerland

After a great week in Oberschwaben it was time to say goodbye to my mom, family, friends and Ostrach as we headed to Zurich, Switzerland for the final 2 days before our flight back to the USA. It was a bit of the shame to leave now as the weather was finally coming around, but word had it that we would have good weather in Zurich too.

On Friday morning we had a little bit of time to walk into downtown Ostrach to grab pastries for the trip and a pack of smokes too. Not really. :-)

We stopped at the Rheinfall in Schaffhausen/Neuhausen on the way to Zurich

On the way to check out other view points

A view of the falls from higher up

This slight detour was certainly worth it

Shopping for post cards at the Rheinfall

We arrived in Zurich after lunch and were greeted by great weather and blue skies

Hmmm, I wonder which one of those would look good in my home

That is one cool Citroen

Lots of cool narrow streets can be found in Zurich

Our hotel is on the Niederberger Strasse which is sadly a bit loud at night

Another beautiful day greeted us on Saturday

The Fraumuenster on the left has amazing Marc Chagall stained glass windows

The Grossmuenster in Zurich is just about to open the doors

A stunning view from the topafter a long hike

It was quite windy up there

The view from the top towards our hotel, which is just to the right of that bridge

The beautiful weather made surely for a better fleamarket

When living in downtown Zurich there is seemingly little need to own a car

So many shoes so little time

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