Monday, July 21, 2008


We spent the last 2 days of our honeymoon in Granada.

Granada is a charming smaller town with narrow streets

The Alhambra is looming above us

Our hotel in Granada was the Casa Morisca and we had a nice view from our room

Standing in line for a nice map of Granada

There were tons of scooters in Granada, even in front of the judicial building

Time for a relaxing brunch

Amy is making sure that we won't get lost

Another cute little street

The steep hike up to the Alhambra

The reward is a great view

More beautiful gardens

Looking down on the path where we came up

The castle part is quite massive

Honey moon indeed :-)

Beautiful details in the old palace

More details

Don't do that!

More beautiful gardens

We had nice breakfast here the last morning

On a shopping mission

Street vendors without permits are always ready to bolt should authorities arrive

We laughed about this sign

But when the taxi later took us through there and scraped both mirrors we know the warning was no joke. (the images is shot through the back window as we just left the super narrow tight spot)

The trip is over, but the honeymoon isn't.

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