Wednesday, July 02, 2008

We are in Spain

Earlier today we arrived in Madrid, Spain for our honeymoon and we are really excited to be here. We used the subway system to get from the airport to our hotel Mate Alicia and Amy did a great job organizing this cool hotel and the logistics to get there. After a small lunch and a nice shower we took a long nap to recover from our overnight transatlantic flight, and it was quite clear that we really needed it. After the nap we walked around to check out the area and kill time, a here you don't really eat dinner before 8pm. It is now a little bit after 8pm and we are off to check out a typical Spanish restaurant.

Here are a few impressions of the day.

We are waiting for our bags in the Madrid airport

Out of the subway and on to the hotel

Our hotel Mate Alicia is very nice and modern

The Plaza Santa Ana is right in front of our hotel

Amy on the Plaza Santa Ana

Wow, lunch and dinner is a bit later here than in the USA

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