Monday, July 14, 2008

Lisbon / Lisboa

We flew from Barcelona, Spain to Lisbon, Portugal and stayed there for 3 days

We stayed at the very nice Sofitel Lisboa hotel (quite possibly the nicest hotel during the whole trip)

The Praca de Comercio is in the heart of downtown Lisbon

On our first stroll we stumbled upon the very beautiful Se Cathedral

Se Cathedral dates back to 1147 and was built on the site of the Moor's main mosque

We really liked the beautiful organ

After Se Cathedral we hiked up towards Castelo de Sao George

We noticed a very beautiful rooftop garden and were inspired for our home

This is the impressive Castelo de Sao George

On the grounds near the castle they were setting up for a big party

Since we were not invited to the party we stopped at a cool roof top bar

That night we met a bunch of triathlon friends at a nice vegeterian restaurant called green pepper

The next day we came past this very nicely designed bull fighting arena

This bridge connects Lisboa over the Rio Tejo

The Tower of Belem used to be a defensive outpost for Lisbon

The Maritime Museum of Lisbon is housed in a very cool building

We also visited the botanic gardens

I had to do a silly touristy picture

We ran across a few peacocks and they were beautiful and quite loud

That afternoon we went to check out the modern art museum of Lisbon

Amy gave some money to this street performer with the cute little dog

We took the Elevator de Santa Justa and got to see a great view of Lisbon

Amy was amazed by this superbly clean public restroom

There is lots of great shopping in Lisbon

The Tram 28 is a quite well known Lisbon feature

My friend Sergio Marques owns Lusobike with his partner Julio

Here I am with Sedi, Helder and daughter Ines and Sergio

Amy at a great vista near Cascais (Helder and Ines were great tour guides)

This area is called hole of inferno

One nice beach in Cascais with small fishing boats in the background

The eastern most point of continental Europe is Cabo de Roca in Portugal

Just in case you don't believe us :-)

A nice view from Cabo di Roca, but it was very windy

Sintra is a cute little town in the mountains

We had some great pastries in Sintra


Lisbon Portugal said...

Wonderful pictures of a sunny stay in Lisbon. I hope you also enjoyed the food. :-)

adgirl said...

looks like you are having a fabulous time...beautiful photographs! I hope you continue to have a lovely trip!

Lily said...

Your photo's are wonderful. I hadn't heard of the veggie resturant - I shall have to check it out when I go back over in October. Looks like you had a wonderful time!