Saturday, January 16, 2010

Fun in Miami Beach

Last week we spent a few days in South Beach, Florida, but it wasn't a vacation. Amy had a conference and I was busy with work. The weather was not very nice and the temperatures were unusually cold. Oh well.

The sea was very angry that day my friend

This is not the South Beach that we expected

The first night we ate at the Cuban restaurant Yuka

We stayed at the Loews hotel that was recently restored

This photo really doesn't do the Loews hotel any justice

Amy and her friends Joy and Lindsey from Erlanger in Chattanooga took a brief conference break

My buddy Eric Buck picked me up in front of Loews

Eric is a man on a mission when he is driving

Nice beach, but very cold temperatures

Eric explaining artificial coral growths at his place of work

The pier of Eric's work place reminded my of the TV show Flipper

The lizards seem to enjoy the cold temps even less than we did

Now that is a Miami Vice view, but for the overcast skies

After visiting Eric's place in Key Biscayne we headed back towards South Beach

There were quite a few cruise ships anchored in Miami

The huge Liberty of the Seas was also in Miami

Eric and I had some German food at the Hofbraeuhaus in South Beach

Amy and I grabbed lunch the next day on Lincoln Ave in South Beach, but outside of that it was mostly work and no play.

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