Saturday, January 30, 2010

In the books

The January 2010 ARTpARTy in Winston-Salem is in the books and we had a great turnout despite the somewhat crappy weather conditions. We actually had about 30 people here and 21 pieces of art. That may have been a record number of art works in the history of our 12 ARTpARTies. At this point though I must say that I botched the photography during the event, and that included taking no photo of Nancy Tuohy and her art work and no photo of Amy and I. :-(

Laura came to our ARTpARTy despite having other plans

Stacy painted glass

Her husband Rick worked with pottery

The very cool painting of Laura

Jessica created a nice set of cards

Our friend Jenni created 2 mirrors that were separate artworks

Our kitchen cabinet designer Mara painted this artwork

The photography of Phoebe and Mark

Kim crafted a pillow

Our next door neighbor Mary decorated this very cute box

Mike worked with metal and Amy and I are now the proud owners of this artwork

The black and white photography of Luke and Melissa

First time ARTpARTy visitors Sandy and Eric worked in photography

Julia and Brian were "expressing" themselves, and this was also their first ARTpARTy

Craig finished his architectural artwork late and came a bit later than his wife Kim

The photo of Page was popular in the auction

Caroline knitted a very cool hat and her husband Matt playfully shows what he contributed

My "pencil" artwork when it was finished about a week ago

I am glad Nancy also took a picture of her artwork prior to the party

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