Saturday, February 13, 2010

Fun in the snow

Today I drove to Pfullingen to visit Matze and Jutta and their now 2 year old son Oscar. Matze and I met in Hawaii at a post race Ironman World Championships party almost 10 years ago and have been friends since.

The Hohenfels castle is on the way to Pfullingen and is quite an impressive place. It looks very cool with all the snow around it.

Oscar loves books and Jutta obliges

It is almost time for Oscar's nap time and for Matze and I to go on a run

One of us has a top 20 in Hawaii, and not in a dream as I.

We are on our way to up there

Up and up we go

The well deserved view from the top

Matze never looked like he was in trouble

Great run indeed, but we are not yet done

Mmmm, that lollipop after a nap is great

It is time to put the snow gear on

And we are ready for some snow action

Oscar riding down the hill

Since the camera man sat backwards on a sled earlier, Oscar wanted to experience the ride backwards too

A bit out of control with Dad


Irmgard Fowler said...

Very nice, Lichtenstein is still my hometown, thank you for the pics and have a great vacation.

Anonymous said...

Good stuff Herbert! Mark