Tuesday, February 16, 2010

More Schwaebische Fasnet

The days before Ash Wednesday are very crazy in this part of Germany and every town here has a unique set of costume groups who take part in parades that take place all over the Southwest of Germany. This is known as Schwaebische Allemannische Fasnet, and here a few images from one such parade in Bad Saulgau on Fat Tuesday morning.

And the parade is on

My friend Siggi noticed me during the parade

One thing is for sure,you don't want to end up on one of these witch wagons

The witches from Aulendorf have a very distinctive color scheme

Several folks were looking, posing for the cameras

The witches from Altshausen

Not all costumes have a mask

The witches from the town of Mengen

Birds strutting their stuff

The witches truly come in all shapes and colors and pretty much every town has a unique set

A traditional Fanfarenzug in action

I don't recall the name of this costume

Yes, bulls were part of this parade too

This band was awesome and they played a very fast and loud Country Roads as they came by

Passing out candy to the kids

There are indeed plenty of friendly costumes

The Blechrebellen made very good sound

In case you were wondering, the Blechrebellen were wearing Rockabilly hair "hats."

Stefan, Moritz and Siggi posed with their costumes at the end of the parade

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