Friday, July 13, 2007

The Chattanooga Triathlon World championships

The weekend is almost upon us and with it the pressure of the Chattanooga World Triathlon championships, or better known as the BMW Waterfront Triathlon. The race is on Sunday morning and features a sold out field of 1200 racers. The 1 mile swim of this triathlon is in the river from the Patten Tennis Center to the Waterfront. The 26 mile bike section goes from the Waterfront via MLK to 27 and then out towards the 153 intersection before it turns back the same way back to the Waterfront. The 6.2 mile run is also an out and back past the art district and the Riverpath.

It should be hot, muggy and lots of fun. :-)

A fun game for spectators, every racer's age is written in fat magic marker on their calf.

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