Sunday, July 08, 2007

Mountain Biking

I rode a mountain bike twice now within a 72 hour period and that might have happened for the first time in at least the last 6 years. Within the last 5 or 6 years I might have been riding on a mountain bike 5 or 6 times all together. That is pretty sad when considering that I used to live and breathe mountain bikes and actually did race as a pro mountain biker in the early to mid nineties. :-(

Thursday night I rode at Booker T state park and this morning I enjoyed the spectacular trails on Raccoon Mountain in Chattanooga and in each case that was a great experience even though my handling skills still leave quite a bit to desired.


erichollins said...

I think mountain biking is bad ass, but I don't like coming back from my rides bloodied, bruised, and with my bike in need of repairs.

Mike said...

Good on you Herbert! I was happy last year when I upped the amount of mountain biking I had been doing, but have discovered that it is now for me as much about the people you are riding with as it is the ride itself. Getting out with old riding buddies and exploring old riding haunts (like Wissy and the Plateau) and recollecting previous crashes, laughs, and people is an awful lot of fun (I'll still never forget your crash at the BMX bowl on one of your first rides with SPDs - yikes!). We're not as fast as we used to be, but will get back to form eventually and are enjoying one another's company in the process. Keep riding and playing in the dirt! I'm sure you'd still smoke me on the trail just like in the 'old days'!