Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Tour de France

They may be calling me over to Europe soon as very few pro cyclists might be left to race the Tour de France or any races after it. So I cleaned my bike and got a few cycling clothes ready.

Along those lines, the headline of a French news paper was the the Tour de France has died on July 25 at age 104.


Mike said...

Let me know if you need me to be your wrench for Le Tour! I've polished up my tools and gotten a new apron. 8^)

erichollins said...

The TdF is not dead. It's tainted and corrupted, but it isn't dead. It'll get cleaned up eventually, maybe. The reason why the tour will not die is that there is too much money involved. As long as most of the people are still making money off the event, it'll continue. Also, even though I'm disgusted with the doping issues of the last 2 years, I'm still going to watch it next year. Why? Because it's entertaining. It's getting more WWE-esque with all the drama about "Oh, that guy kicked ass that stage. Was he doping?" and stuff like that. There is a very, very long standing tradition with the TdF like the Olympics. Ok, one is pro and the other is "amateur", but both of them have been plagued by doping scandals and I seriously think that neither one of them is going anywhere any time soon. They are just too much fun to watch.

Also, the green isn't working for me.