Saturday, May 27, 2006

Art Party, Art Party, Art Party

I held my first Art Party at my house several years ago and what was then an annual event, happens now twice a year. Basically here is how it works: Each invited guest is asked to bring a piece of art or something they crafted themselves with no higher material value of $25.
What people bring is actually amazing and very nice and it ranges from paintings to sculptures to photos to pottery to knitted items and handmade candles. At the end of each Art Party after a "Chinese Auction", each person goes home with someone else's piece of art. The most pieces displayed at any Art Party of mine was 34 different art works.

Below is a nice sampling of some of the pieces of art and the creators themselves. :-)

James is an amazing photographer

Heather had painted this very nice image

Sam created this beautiful 3 piece art work

Kelley created this nice image lamp shade with a Chattanooga theme

Steve came all the way from Atlanta with this photo

Karen work hard on this slightly political collage

Steven and Shayna created a very beautiful tile mosaic

Janelle just recently started with photography as a passion and the result is very impressive

Dana created these very attractive coffee mugs

Julie knitted this very attractive scarf

I had painted this abstract art work for my "own" Art Party


deetour said...

OMG, this sounds like Hafid and his Iron Chef parties. Do all these artistic, sophisticated people really exist?

Herbert said...

These artistic, sophisticated people exist indeed all over the world, but sometimes they do not even know that they are like that.

Laggard said...

Look like fun, I wish I could be there too.

Napfgeist said...

Herbert, nice painting, I like the colors..!