Sunday, May 07, 2006


This overlook on the Tail of the Dragon is just beautiful
MINIS as far as the eye can see are lined up at the base of the Fontana Dam
MINIS are lining up for a MINI parade on the Dragon. Guesstimated number about 250 MINIS.
On Saturday night there was a midnight run on the Dragon after which every one lined up for a special light festival.
This may indeed be a fake MINI in that whole line of MINIS from all over North America


Mark & Irene said...

Nice blog as well!

It was a great weekend at the Dragon! Really did not mind the rain on Friday as it made the colors very rich. Saturday, well, that was beyond the beyonds. The senic trip around the Smokies was wonderful. I wonder how many MINI's were there? 3 or 4 hundred? It was had to tell as they were everywhere.

Hope to see you next year!

Mark (TheOldMan) and Irene

Orazie said...

the picture of the line of minis was cool I can only imagine what it looked like in person and oh how it must have looked from the air

deetour said...

Were you in Vegas?

Herbert said...

I wasn't in Vegas, well, at least not for that MINI gathering recently. I do go there once a year for a big trade show though.