Sunday, May 21, 2006

Who am I ?

Whenever I get introduced by certain people to someone new, it goes something like this. "This is my friend Herbert, he does Ironmans." Is that really who I am? Some jock who trains day and night, and who has pretty much no other interests?

I am aware that the people who introduce me like that, really think that is something great, but I really do not live vicariously through any sport. I don't wear finishers t-shirts or related apparel, nor do I have a tattoo of any athletic achievement. My interests are actually quite bigger than that, for example I like art, smart people, learning new things, politics, traveling, experiencing food, and yes, I like to be fit. But I am actually happier about my mind being fit. :-)


Pedro said...

I would never admit that I was friends with a tri-geek, so I would never introduce you in such a manner. :-)

deetour said...

Hope this is not offensive, but you have a whole Kenny Chesney look going on in this picture. Cute!

Herbert said...

Who is Kenny Chesney?